Myanmar to Tuscany with some camels in Morocco

I should start off and apologise for the long time coming post but l am fianlly writing about the move after Myanmar.

I left Myanmar for good on the 20th May and headed for my new hostel of employment in Tuscany. I decided many months ago to take the long way round and wanted to have another major stop over on the way, to where l decided to make it Morocco as in the last 5 years it has been one of my top 5 countries l needed to travel too. I stopped in Bangkok for a night at a hostel called Refill Now. Awesome little place and set up and away from the main party streets and because l was only there for less than 24 hours, it was what l needed. The next day l headed to London to stop in for a couple of nights to see my sister, which l am pretty sure she would of killed me if l didn’t.

A couple of days later, l was off to Morocco! To say l was excited is an understatement. I flew out of Luton with a nice early flight of 7:30am with Ryanair….. My first experience with them and l got caught by their extra fees policy. For the people that don’t know me, you can call me old fashioned but l am someone who personally likes to do a lot of check ins at the airport, considering a lot of cheap airlines can’t send anything to your phone and l am constantly changing sim cards, but l paid the price and when l went in to check in at the counter the lady directed me to another one, where l found out l had to pay $90 AUD to print my boarding pass, this was more than my seat on the plane. After that, everything went smoothly, but l learned another travel lesson, don’t fly Ryanair (i most likely still will though).

I landed in Marrakech a couple of hours later and entry into the country was very straight forward. Changing money was easy and finding our way around even easier but l got outside to the taxi l booked through the hostel, well the taxi l thought l had booked but it didn’t show. I waited for 3o minutes and still no luck so l jumped of a bus which l now reccomend. It cost 40 Dhirums and it takes you straight to the center of town or the main square. It was still early in the day so the square wasn’t at all that busy yet which was nice considering i was able to find my hostel (Rainbow Marrakech) with ease. I unwillingly had a boy show me the direction and had to give him some money but they will do that even if you don’t want them too.

I didn’t have much organised for my time in Morocco except that l wanted to do a couple of day trips. My day of arrival l spent wandering and getting lost in the markets which are amazing but be aware of pick pockets. It didn’t happen to me but l was  closely followed at one stage l knew l had to do something to throw them off. The next day l headed out to Essaouira, which is a famous port town of Morocco, with a stop at a goat tree. This tree, and l am not exaggerating, had goats just standing around in it all day. Please don’t ask me how they got up there as l couldn’t find out without paying someone but they looked quite happy. It is beautiful and its famous blue fishing boats in the harbor are a must see, plus for all the game of throne fans, part of the series was filmed here.

On day 3 l decided to go on an overnight desert trip into the zargoza desert. It set me back about $60 USD but for me it was a great experience. I chose to sleep under the stars than in the tents provided and out next to the camels. It wasn’t my best night sleep but it made the trip. The only thing l would like to change, would be that l spend longer then the 1 night. It took a long bus ride out and back to Marrakech which didn’t seem to justify my trip.

The summary of Morocco is a must do. It’s an amazing country and most of the people are genuine. If you get to the main square, look for Cafe France, but don’t go there. Head down the small road next to it and you will find great little restaurants for a lot cheaper. I can’t remember the name but look for a young guy called Sam. He is a local guy who was awesome. He didn’t pressure me once but wanted to know about Australia and its culture. He speaks almost fluent english and is one guy who will provide advice for free.

I flew to Milano on day 5 and spent a few days enjoying the city with the buzz of the Champions league final on the same time before l headed down to Certaldo in Tuscany where l have now settled until October. My next blog won’t be until late August when l get to head to Spain to take part in Tomatina festival.


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